Updated: Jun 30

If you are new to Sydney, come take your kids to the library for kids reading time. 

Here are five great places you can take your kids to hear stories. 

  1. Surry Hills Library - The perk, your kids could hear fun stories and sing songs. While you sneak in the corner and have a quick chat with another Mom. Bonus is that you can get a great cup of coffee next door. 

  2. Double bay Library - Take about a good time. Not only do you get storey time and sing songs, but you also have this cool slide for kids. What will they think up next?

  3. Market Square Library, The kids are going to love this library and you are going to love the food court that is below the library. Let just say "Yum".

  4. Green Square Library, another fun place to go with the kids and its next to the train station. 

  5. Paddington Library, a small library but still fun. If you go, head across the street to the Reservoir gardens and bring a camera. You are going to love this place for pictures.